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Carin Dussé BA. Psych. Hons., LPC, CPM, APSATS-CCPS-C

Carin Dussé BA. Psych. Hons., LPC, CPM, APSATS-CCPS-C

Licensed Professional Counselor, BraveHearts Certified Partner Trauma Mentor, APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Specialist Candidate, and ACOJ Coach. Over 30 years experience of mentoring and counselling women and leading women's groups.

Counselor, Mentor, Coach
Shattered Hearts Revived

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Carin is the founder of Shattered Hearts Revived Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching ministry. Carin has been trained through APSATS and understands the importance of Mentoring and Counselling partners from a "partner sensitive" approach, using The Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) which incorporates recent research about the effects of sex-addiction-induced trauma. Carin offers online and in-person counselling sessions to work with partners suffering from the traumatic impact of betrayal trauma in their personal lives and marriages. Carin mentors partners in the ability to thrive based on "The Life Model Works", helping partners to understand the pain processing pathway, staying relational, present, and connected and how to maintain organised attachment to God and others. Carin is a coach on Marsha Means team and is coaching women in Boundaries and Trigger Management. Carin is passionate about equipping the Church and Counsellors about the danger of porn addiction and in doing so, Carin is breaking up unplowed ground in Scotland about the misunderstanding and challenges betrayed partners are facing in Church and through uninformed Counselling services.

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