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December 13, 2019, 09:00 PM

Awakening from Sexual Brokenness and Betrayal

A talk by Stacey Oliver
Recovery Coach, Women's Director, Awaken

Speaker expertise

Co-founder of Awaken, groups facilitator, speaker

In early 2009, Stacey's life as a Worship Pastor's wife was turned upside down when Greg's 25+ year sexual addiction was exposed. Although there had been many times when things just seemed "off," Stacey had never known anything concrete about his struggle. With the loss of Greg's job and life as she'd known it changing, the trauma was overwhelming.

As Greg embraced recovery and got healthy, Stacey was frustrated that she seemed to be "stuck." Reluctantly she accepted that recovery was her journey, too, and began to pursue healing for herself through therapy and group community. She realized she had areas of trauma and brokenness in her own life from before she ever met Greg. His addiction had amplified these areas as well as creating new ones. If she was to heal, she had to focus on more than just what Greg had done. She also had to see what else it had uncovered.

In this talk with Christine Leahy, Stacey shares from her own journey, as well as what she does now to help other women who are just discovering their partner's sexual brokenness (or who are unwilling to remain in the status quo) and who need healing for themselves.

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