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December 14, 2019, 06:00 PM

Beyond Early Trauma and Addiction

A talk by Randy Cotham
Certified BraveHearts Mentor, Walking In Recovery

Speaker expertise

Bravehearts Certified Professional Mentor, Former Ministry Leader of Celebrate Recovery.

During this interview, you will hear a redemptive story of restoration. You will also hear how many sexual addicts are conditioned by early childhood abuse and behavior. How Randy works with husbands to not only work on their sexual addictions, but to teach them how to understand the damage that they have cause their spouses, kids, church and even the Kingdom of God. He educates the husband on how to create a safe place and build trust with those that he has hurt by his acting out. Randy speaks of his desire to assist men who have found themselves in legal trouble from their sexual addiction.

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Walking In Recovery Action Plan

What is a Recovery Action Plan? We developed this tool to assist people we worked with to get a plan going immediately when they step into recovery. It has terms like Bottom Lines, Secondary Bottom Lines (triggers or high risk behaviors), Thought Stoppers, Thought Changers, and Plans of Action. It will have instructions, samples of different struggles, and a blank copy for you to fill out one for yourself. This is just one tool of many that is available when you work with us. You will find this offer at the bottom of our website - Walking In Recovery

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